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NitroKit™ Wholesale Information.

A Brand New Product

Cleans & Filters, Works with All Chargers

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Operating the NitroKit™ filter system is easy and can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Anyone who has ever used a homemade whip cream dispenser or "seltzer water" soda siphon will quickly recognize the four instruction steps as almost indentical to charging a normal batch of whipped cream or soda water.

For step-by-step instructions on how to operate the NitroKit™ filter system, please Click Here.

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What is NitroKit™

What is NitroKit™?

The NitroKit™ is an inline filter system that utilizes a sub-micron, activated carbon filter element that fits between the charger holder and dispenser in all makes and models of homemade whipped cream dispensers and soda siphons.

NitroKit™ is a great product for businesses such as coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants and bars, kitchen supply shops, and catering companies.

NitroKit™ is a wonderful addition to any business that already sells or plans to sell 8 gram nitrous oxide (N²O) or carbon dioxide (CO²) chargers. NitroKit™ is packaged in a bright, light-weight packaging that is easy to stock and is highly attractive to customers. NitroKit™ retails for around $20 and is available at a number of low cost wholesale price points.

For complete instructions on how to use NitroKit, Please See Here.


Why Filter N²O and CO² Gas?

Why Filter N²O and CO² Gas?

8 gram N²O and CO² (nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide) are commonly used to make homemade whipped cream and "seltzer water." In the process of manufacturing the 8 gram "chargers" the machines used to produce the gas leave behind lots of unwanted by-products like oil residue and carbon powder. Over time, the build-up of these impurities will begin to destroy your dispenser and seriously affect the taste of your whipped cream (or "seltzer" water). Even the cleanest, highest quality European-made chargers have these pitfalls.

The NitroKit™ filter system eliminates this problem by using an sub-micron, activated carbon filter to remove the smallest impurities from nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide gas.

For a copy of the NitroKit™ certificate of filtration, Please See Here.


What are the Benefits?

What are the Benefits?

By filtering and purifying your nitrous oxide (N²O) and carbon dioxide (CO²) cartridges you are creating a healthier, cleaner gas for use in your homemade whip cream dispenser or "seltzer water" soda siphon. In only the last five years, the growth of the coffee shop and gourmet food industry has exploded and created a surge in customers who are interested in re-creating delicious, homemade whipped creams, soda water drinks and confections.

This fact, coupled with the increasing awareness of health concerns in the products we buy, make NitroKit™ a logical choice for the hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals who have already discovered the advantages of re-creating wonderful desserts, seltzer waters, and gourmet coffee drinks at home and work.

For an instuctional video on how to use the NitroKit, Please Click Here.


Shipping Info


NitroKit™ filter systems and NitroKit™ replacement filters are shipped via either UPS™ or USPS®, depending on customer preference and availability. Currently, orders can only be shipped within the United States and Canada. The fastest way to determine shipping costs is to add any items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart and begin the checkout process. You will enter a secure area of our website and you will be asked to enter your shipping address.

Before you are asked to enter any payment information, the shopping cart will display shipping costs for the various shipping methods available. The reason we require these steps before shipping can be calculated is because our system is communicating the weight of your order to generate the costs of shipping.

For any other questions regarding shipping, Please Contact Us.