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NitroKit™ Technical Information.

NitroKit™ Operating Instructions

Cleans & Filters, Works with All Chargers

Operating the NitroKit™ filter system is easy and can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Anyone who has ever used a homemade whip cream dispenser or "seltzer water" soda siphon will quickly recognize the four instruction steps as almost indentical to charging a normal batch of whipped cream or soda water.


NitroKit Instructions Step 1

Step 1:

Insert a standard 8 gram Nitrous Oxide (N²O) or Carbon Dioxide (CO²) cartride into the high-quality molded charger holder that is included with your NitroKit™ filter system.


NitroKit Instructions Step 2


Step 2:

Secure the sub-micron, active carbon filter that is included with the NitroKit™ into the filter cavity of the filter housing as shown to the right. Attach both pieces of the filter housing together by screwing them together.


NitroKit Instructions Step 3


Step 3:

With the filter element in place, attach filter housing to your standard whip cream dispenser or "seltzer water" soda siphon where the dispenser's charger holder would normally go.


NitroKit Instructions Step 4

Step 4:

Firmly attach the charger holder that comes with the NitroKit™ to the filter housing to release the cartridge's nitrous oxide (N²O) or carbon dioxide (CO²) gas. Gas is fully released when the "hissing" sound stops and the dispenser feels slightly colder to the touch.


At this point you can safely remove the NitroKit™ from your dispenser and enjoy your fresher, healthier, and purified whipped cream or seltzer water!.


NitroKit™ Filter Life

NitroKit Device Replacement Filters

The NitroKit™ filter system comes equipped with one standard active-carbon, sub-micron filter. Active carbon or "activated" carbon is a remarkable substance that filters various gases by virtue of its large surface area. Just one gram of active carbon has the approximate surface area of two tennis courts. As the gas passes through the filter, its surface area captures unwanted, microscopic particles of things like dust, grease, and oil.

One NitroKit™ filter is good for approximately 100 whipped cream or carbon dioxide cartridges.

To order additional NitroKit™ replacement filters, Please visit our Store.